An irresistable proposition

file lavender new areaYou knew me too well. I couldn’t resist. Just one day of walking past that patch of Project and I had to get down and weed out the grass.

It was a glorious afternoon and I was able to sit down and remove the forked over grass with absurd ease.

This sort of gardening is almost fun.  And then I had to make use of this perfectly prepared bed.

I haven’t planned any lavender hunting trips this week.  I think I need 18 plants here. Two rows.

But autumn is never the best time to buy these cheap as can be Mediterranean shrubs.

I have taken cuttings and successfully grown my own; but boy it takes forever.  I’d much rather spend a few euros per plant and have someone else do the growing. drumstick alliums

But one thing I can with this blank canvas right now is to plant bulbs.  I have popped in 300 of the little drumstick alliiums from my stock.

Easy peasy as they are so tiny.

I had 100 more left to put on the other side of the fence just for a spot of aesthetic balance.

I have planted bulbs in between the lavenders for a few years now, but topping up never hurts. My back does.  But that’s also gardening.