Ah tedium, where is thy end?

Endless sticksPoo sticks. Pick up sticks, sticks and stones. I have done the repertoire and I’m still not having fun.   This is the worthy task I have chosen today.   A non gardening but necessary chore.   As you can see by the pictures, we are still in grip of a cold snap here. Minus 2s and 3s on the thermometer and too much snow on the ground to get anything useful done.

So for my sins, I have chosen to tidy up the duck pond beyond the fence behind our lawns and pool.   This is the no man’s land between our property and Jean Daniel’s. He did a great job of weed control last year and now it’s my turn to get rid of this unsightly pile of sticks and branches left behind.   I suspect I could just torch the lot and save myself two days of tedium.   But I look at this lot and see mulch. Weed control, sticks for lighting the fire in the morning.   I may regret it but I can’t stop now. Sticks in duck pond

But I must have a pause. It’s hard work manipulating the loppers and trying not to get pronged by the thicket as you yank out the big branches and try and reduce them to manageable chunks.

So, recharge the mp3 player, lie down. Contemplate bringing back indentured slaves, and back out again.