The absurd January sunsets

Brrr, this office is freezing. This may be a quick photo essay before I turn to ice and have to be hacked out with ice axes, wheeled to the fireside and gently melt on the tiled floor.

I’m exaggerating of course, but it’s the room at the very far end of the stone house with stone on three sides. It does not warm up. Unless I put a blaster heater in here about an hour before I want to slide in and work.

And I’m also mid remodelling of the office (you can see the results on Sunday which is definitely my deadline day for it) so it’s not a lot of fun to linger in among the paint odours.

So here for you the amazing seven minutes when the sun comes out and just – wham – hits the mountain side. I was coming back from picking kale in the top potager and had to race to get the camera.

And then race back when I remembered that I had left the bowl of leaves up on the walnut path while I wandered round with a stupid grin on my face seeing some garden areas in a new light.

Sorry about that. Punning and teeth chattering don’t mix.


And please note, there is no filter fiddling in these shots. This is just the lowest possible winter sun hitting at the perfect moment.