A winter surprise


Well that was an unexpected surprise.  A bit like the US presidential election result.

And neither surprise was in a good way. I had big plans for gardening before the whole place was covered in snow.  And big plans for the planet without a climate change denier in charge.


But this is not the place to rant or rent my clothing.  Every other form of social media is doing just that right now. So I think I’ll stick to this small part of the sane world.

potagersnowExcept it was under snow.  So much for my great plants for cutting back the lavender, and planting the bulbs.

Instead I stomped about the garden snapping the rather fetching shots of the first snow fall of winter.

And it’s not a serious snowfall. The temperature was warm enough for the stuff to be melting by mid afternoon.

But my day was rather curtailed.


Here’s the lavender I was meant to be cutting back.



Plan B. Stay inside. Turn off the television that was showing endless bad news. Stoke the fire and keep the cat happy. He had a lovely day.