A spot of dusk pruning

That’s the pesky thing about winter. There just isn’t enough daylight to do one’s chores.

Add in two days this week of this….

And it really does slow down your chances of mowing lawns.

And pruning.

I did manage to cloche the tiny stone pines that are dotted about the top terrace and at the parking area.

They are too titchy to enjoy this heavy snow.

But the enormous pines in the dry garden were fine.

No snow underneath their canopy this week.

But that canopy… It really is a very large area where the poor plants underneath do not thrive.

They are all leaning out trying to get out of the shade. And don’t mention how dry it is underneath.

I know it’s a dry garden. But the plants here are super parched.

So what to do? Somehow or other I had a pruning saw in my hand and ambled up to the tree and had a look.

And started enthusiastically sawing like mad. It was so much fun!

I have raised the canopy in a big way (dare I show you the branches I lopped off?) and yes, it now looks a bit unbalanced. Eek.

I noticed this in the sunshine this afternoon when I took the ladder and sawed off the dead branches higher up.

But the branches on the north side of the tree were mostly dead and looking nasty. So that’s my excuse. But it did make me realise that sawing away at large living trees at dusk is not the best idea.

I’d best stick to thumping the snow off the evergreens with a broom instead.