A rather thrilling aerial view

You really can see those Dahlias from space.

Isn’t this a treat? Our neighbour Gerard from the other side of the mountain came round last week with his toy.


A drone. I know he uses it to help people inspect their roofs and buildings before committing to the expense of scaffolding. And he offered to come and snap the garden from the space.

Houses and gardens. It’s amazing how you can see the progression of the stone structures over the centuries. Particularly the barn which looked like it had expanded in size at some stage. The facade really shows up as distinctly different on the left hand side


And the ground is so parched. He has promised to nip back in spring when we might have the chance of lawn and grass on those lower terraces.

Right now you can see the scar the septic tank installation left behind. Poor garden.


Still, it’s marvellous to really see the farm in the landscape. I particularly love this shot. We are all rolling hills and gentleness on this shot.


A far cry from our usual steep action shot of the house from below where it looks quite menacing.

And from here you can see the west side of the main house where are are going to extend. What a lovely ‘before’ shot to compare. That small sloping bread oven is going to get a makeover.


And I’ll try and remove the car next time so it won’t ruin the bucolic scene!