A pinkish tinge

flowers market end julyWacky colours this week. Or maybe it is my poor photography skills. I never seem able to capture the weekly flower display.

I went a bit mad with the agastache in the bouquets.  Agastache, I think also called Korean mint.

And it certainly has a very pungent odour. Pleaseant? I’m not sure.

But what I love about this plant is it is drought tolerant. I sowed them from seed a few years ago and did rather leave it to fend for itself.

It is in two locations: in a shady part of the terrace behind my potting shed. But best of all, it has self sown in front of the potting shed as well. In the gravel. Never watered, in full sun. pink themed

So it takes shade, sun, neglect. What more could one want?

And the stems are very stiff, so they can be shoved into a vase with the floppier cosmos and marjoram and zinnia.

My zinnias are not a great success this year. For the simple reason that I didn’t stake them thoroughly when I planted them out.  If I had a two inch high vase they would look a treat. But for this week, they have been relegated to the role of bouttoniere.