A morning watering

hides all sinsI’m writing this with the accompanying sounds of thunder and rumbling. Plus flashes of lightning and rain.

Yes rain. And naturally I spent a few good hours watering this morning. That must have brought it on.

The hose is hidden behind my Ardeche preserving pots (full of willow from my pollarded tree).

But things needed a good soaking; particularly some of the small trees – the hornbeams – which seem to be sulking even more than Artur.  A lot of my hedge plants get undermined with a mole which runs right underneath a lot of roots.

So I need to nurture a few a bit more than is normally necessary. compost heap

And it gave me a chance to water all the way up on the top vegetable garden. The brassicas are fine; and I can see a mighty crop of calabrese coming along (that’s brocolli to you).

I had planned to go and visit Andrew today at one of his client’s garden. But he had to postpone for a day. So I was at a bit of a loose end.

And way overdressed for the job I planned to do.  The compost heap. I changed back out of the long floaty skirt and pearls and climbed into my smelliest clothes.

Oh yes, here they come; unpleasant shots of my compost heap.  It was the first time I have turned the compost in the giant one metre cube of space I now have. And what a dream it was.  I turned it all into the smaller bin. And now have a huge supply of lovely black stuff, ready to put on the beds later this autumn.

And a new bin to fill. Happy indeed. It’s gorgeous stuff.