A morning strim

strimmed alice's pathI usually brag that I have had to get up super early for this hot and hefty task. But actually the weather is beautifully cool for this time of year. No more than 24C, so everything is possible.

Even strimming after 9am.

I only did an hour (it is still hot and hefty work) but that gave me time to get up into the jungle that is my top vegetable garden and clear the knee high weeds (thigh high in some places) and clover.

And then make my way down the garden doing the bits that are way too overgrown.  Alice’s path looks green and sward like again. It was very scruffy.  And I managed to really annoy Artur who was trying to snooze in the potting shed.

He hates loud engine noises, especially ones which keep moving around the potting shed cutting down his favourite long lush grass.  potager strimmed

But I headed down to the next terrace rather smartly and started on the edges of the pool.  I swear it’s more bindweed and thistle than native grasses down there.

So I gave it a half hearted prune and will get to it with a mower in a few days time.

entranceI then had time to swing through the potager (must remember to shut the gate) and do the edges of the rather lush grass path that divides the vegetables from the soft fruit orchard. Nip up to near the compost bins and then twinkle back to the basement where the strimmer lives. Enough for one day methinks.