A mooching morning

two-bulldozers-at-work.JPGHave to mooch around waiting for the fuel tanker to come and top up the huge tanks under the house for our central heating. And it may be spent sowing the broad bean seeds in the lower vegetable garden. I really need to get stuck into the top garden and get those weeds out  but it will be too far from the house and I may miss phone calls. (Still hoping for a response from the new chimney sweep).

And then at two we are going to visit Nicolas’ vegetable garden at the chateau (a good touristy thing to do to show Jan while she is here), and meet a new garden friend  a tree surgeon. He will come back here and we can walk through what trees need work. The ones above the potting shed need trimming, and a few need to come out above, near the road to Jean-Daniel’s. But Nicolas warned us that he won’t just come to trim a few trees, so we should get our cherry trees pruned as well. The ones near the house are way too tall and straggly. So a good tidy up will be fun.