A little dusk digging

CharlottesThis is the second night I have found myself in the garden after 10pm.   Last night it was watering until 1030pm and digging up a row of Charlotte potatoes.

Tonight I was planting dill and eragrostis and violas almost by torchlight.   But that’s what happens when you have  a ‘day job’.   For me that’s being a builder’s mate all week. Renovations.   I hauled and held plasterboard in place (a playful activity), sanded said plasterboard when in place and patched.   Consulted with a bulldozer driver, spoke almost intelligently about electrics.   Painted messy bits of wood that had the odeur de fouine liberally sprayed.   Carried kit. And was general dogsbody. Eragrostis and dill

Not as fun as the huge bunch of sweet peas I have nonchalently dropped on my desk beside me. Not even time to put them in a vase.   Or the sight of my wonderful potager.   The cosmos are quite vivid and brilliant now and it makes a very pretty scene.

I planted up the half barrel that may be full of squash later in the season with the violas from Leslie and Teo.   I know I’m supposed to cut off their flowers, but I just couldn’t resist keeping them intact for a few more days.

Violas in barrelThe rest I planted in the other barrel, and I have more to plant in the rose planters in the courtyard. It’s just that every time I put on my ‘must go and do gardening’ hat I am bidden upstairs to sand plasterboard or unload or answer tricky questions.