A day job

I wasn’t the only one watching the dying of the light. Artur was exasperated with me for working on in the dark.

Jean Daniel has gone to Aix for the weekend and I am on animal feeding duties.   So the poor cat had to wait quite a while before I went up to my neighbour’s house to fill the food bowl and replenish the bird feeders.

But I had that mad desire to finish the job in one day. And the day was weeding. For the entire day.

Normally when I have this huge job of clearing the weeds in the top vegetable garden, I usually just hoe the whole patch energetically and let the weeds lie.

Then after a few weeks they rot enough for me to rake well and hide all sins. And feed the soil.

But I have a plan for these weeds. And they are destined for Elsewhere.

You will have to wait for photographs tomorrow for the project to be seen in its full glory.   I forgot to take my camera up until late in the afternoon.

But it feels like the start of a solution to a long held problem.

So that was my day. Productive, repetitive, but satisfying.   I’m just so relieved I had the entertainment of lots of BBC radio 4 programmes in my ears all day.   Plus the ocassional visits from the cat.   Not much else in the form of life on this mountain.   But sometimes this solitude is such a tonic.   And permits one to plan and create.

But enough loftiness, this is Friday. Time for a long cool beer.   And a very long hot shower to warm up.