A damn fine little wall

I’m showing off of course.

It’s an okay little wall.

A bit wonky. But an excellent repository for a thousand random rocks.

And It’s so thrilling to see it now it’s done.

I had a pause over the weekend for the biblical storm.

And dangling about waiting for the snow to melt so I could find the stones.

We have three big oaks down in the forest, so we were able to plan our next forest chores while the melt took place.

And cut two dead chestnuts and stock the pile of firewood.

And then in just a few hours of lobbing and shuffling about…

And raking and wishing someone would help me shift this excellent garden soil and put it somewhere useful..

It’s done.

I have some self seeded oaks I want to save. So I corralled them with more rocks. And hopefully I can mow around them.

Rats, I forgot. I needed to sow grass seeds.

I suspect I have missed my chance to get seeds germinated before the ants emerge from their underground nests.

I unearthed one pile of large bull ants under a rock near the bigger oak while I was levering the boulder into position.

I will lob some seeds when it finally warms up. Some time next week it might get into double figures.

And in the meantime, I am giving myself a gold star for actually starting, working on and finishing a job in a week.

Next up, potager work.