Stone work

I have been in lockdown so long, I even started to weed the hedge. The clocks went into summer time on the weekend and I found myself outside at 7pm at a loose end. I didn’t want to go in. So I ambled past some weeds and launched in.

But you don’t need to see that.

Well, okay.

But the main thing to show you is the departure of the stone masons. It felt so strange to say farewell to them after three months of work.

Their main job is done. The walls of the new extension are up.

They will need to to come back and do the mortaring. And possibly rebuild some garden walls.

So. We are all ready for the main building project which might kick off in May.

If anything can be predicted these days.

For an encore, Simon and Stephane made me a little dry stone wall with some of the leftover stones.

I saw them piling them up at the end of the dry garden. It was actually where the septic tank heavy diggers left a few random rocks way way back last year.

And believe me, we are so used to random piles of rocks dangling about this farm…

I need to go back to take a better shot without the shadows on the wall.

But it’s so lovely to know that the careful stone work is done. And the structural wooden extension can begin.