Courtyard garden delights

Let’s make a snap judgement here. People who create little courtyard gardens in the middle of old towns are to be praised and glorified and given a medal.

Or a circlet of laurel at least.

It has been a snap happy gardener ambling about the medieval streets of Girona this past week.  Pausing and no doubt causing tourist traffic jams as I insist of getting a good sticky beak at the gardens within.

These private spaces are just steps away from bustling roads of pedestrians. All intent on ambling and ogling.

And the detail of metal in among the wood is another feature if this gorgeous town.

Rusted steel seems to be the theme.  Have a look at this door in the wall of a house up high in the old town.

The door handle is a true whimsical delight.

Have I gone full on gush? Where is the cyclical jaded traveller? Too much tapas methinks.

And dare I admit that these prawns from the nearby coastal town of Roses were better than any I have ever munched in Sydney? So moist and delicate. And here in a broth that both lifted the little crustaceans and complemented them.

Yep. I’ve gone gushy. Time to pack up this idle life and return to my own mountain, my weeds, my projects, my distractions of a more mundane but necessary kind.

It has been a marvellous little sojourn.