Potager flowers

Let’s drown you in colour.

This is what my Wednesday mornings look like.

Buckets of blooms.

I come back from my mountain walking loop and get out the secateurs and buckets of water for the blooms.

Dahlias galore right now.

And for my fillers I have settled into a routine of yellows – achilleas, santolina flowers, and my bupleurum fruticosum.

Mauves of agastache liquorice blue, verbena bonariensis.

Greens with my favourite choiysa Aztec pearl.

And just about anything else that I spot on my way down to the garden room where I make the bouquets. Miscanthus grass, bulrush leaves, crocosmia, you name it.

And did you spot my little helper? (Actually she doesn’t help. She drinks from the water vases and tends to knock things over.)

Here she is doing her best trip hazard trick.

But I love it.

These achillea coarcta (I wonder if that is how you spell it, hang on a mo…) coarctata have such a vivid yellow, but are fading fast in the incredible heat.

So I am trying to see if they will dry and keep that colour.

Promise to report back.