Pot up, plant out, repeat

My new potting shed extension is wonderful.

I can’t believe I spent years placing trays of seedlings at perfect trip hazard level all around this little building on the ground.

Now my shelves and two tables are just the perfect place for hardening off.

Sorry about the photo bomb. You can’t get many shots of this potting shed without the Resident.

There are some mornings when I come back in for breakfast nursing some new lacerations and accepting that it is becoming a contact sport.

I have confiscated her normal huge Dutch bulb cardboard box (cashmere lined) because it is taking up way too much room on the staging.

And instead she is relegated to a basket.

And if she stayed snoozing in the basket while I work potting on and pricking out we would both be happy.

But no.

There are the theatrical leaps onto anything I am working on. The dash across the seedlings…

If I can lure her outside, I am rewarded with some marvellous drapes.

So I do forgive her the many attacks on my plants. Except she squished my warrigal greens. The lot. Scattered to the floor and there was shrieking.

By me. I was cross.

Why couldn’t she have massacred the helichrysum trays? I have oodles of those. But not the rare as hen’s teeth Australian greens.


But I’m too busy to be cross.

And too busy to do a lot of writing I am afraid. I will try harder. And I have admonished The Creature to try a bit harder too. More cat and less marauding plant killer.