Oh, go on then

Have another bowl of tomatoes. I’m just showing off.

But I’ve never had a tomato glut before. So I think it should be properly celebrated.

And the best thing is you can give them away and people think you are being super generous with your precious orbs.

If only they knew just what a little factory I have out there.

Okay, and now to finish – even the dahlias are happy in their new bed.

I was the most laden pack mule taking all the blooms to market this week.

And this (poorly snapped shot) is of the elusive Cafe au Lait dahlia. The darling of the social media. But little do people know… it’s a devil to grow. Sulks, does not thrive, dies.

This is the very first bloom I have had off one plant which has been a reluctant star in the dahlia border.

So hopefully by doing the dreaded thing with the secateurs more blooms will follow.

It’s a technique the works with the rest of the cut flowers.