Miscanthus flowering

Excuse me while I snack and type. I’ve snuck to the biscuit tin and glory be there are Tim Tams (chocolate biscuits beloved by Australians).

My sister gave them to me to bring back as part of next weekend’s feasting.  Somehow or other the biscuits have found their way into my mouth and won’t be greeting guests in a few days time.

They won’t notice the loss – they aren’t reading this. They are too busy cycling from Paris all the way to our farm. It will take them five and a half days.  They would go faster if they feasted on Tim Tams.

I’m in full on catering and house keeping mode. 14 people will be here over a long weekend and it is going to ravage the vegetable garden. The dwarf French beans have been picked, the aubergine are plump and will stay put for now;  and I’m trying to cajole the courgettes into not exploding in size until Friday’s barbecue. They are already hefty.

I’ve spent a few days beetling about the farm, choosing what needs to be sorted (weeding, tidying, eragrostis seed collecting ready for a mass sowing).  And I’m amazed what happened in the time I was away.

The miscanthus has flowered.

If the weather stays good, it will take on a more interesting hue. Purplish.  But for now it’s just delightful. Pale and interesting. I’ll be raiding it for the huge number of bouquets I need to decorate three houses on Thursday.  But for now it can just sway and flap in the wind.