Last spring sowings

sowing doneI’m rushing these crops; but I can’t hold off.   I would normally sow these seeds mid April for a planting out in May.   But as I will be away for three weeks of the vital sowing season, these have to be done now.

It is the weather for it.   And it saves me having to stay indoors and paint bedroom ceiling beams.   So here’s the list:

Pumpkin Mars, Courgette Defender, Dwarf Bean Boston, Climbing Bean Pantheon, Runner Bean Desiree, Squash Winter High Sugar Mix, Sunflower Velvet Queen, Squash Early Butternut, Yard Long beans (in root trainers this time, only two germinated from the last batch), Swiss Chard and Eragrostis Curvula (of course). purple sprouting broc

purple sproutingAs a reward, I am going to gorge myself on a huge salad of purple sprouting broccolli.   This is the first harvest of the long awaited and mighty crop.

Broccolli, Puy Lentils, artichokes, pine nuts, a mustardy dressing and a sit in front of the fire sorting the seeds.