What a day. After a brief snow flurry the sun came out and it blazed all day. It melted the last remnants of snow and the whole day was luminous.   And I managed to do some long needed chipping.

Really long needed.   I have caches of sticks ready for chipping all over the mountain. So it has been a great day of walking and creating mulch and having Artur follow me all afternoon.

So far I have mulched the calabert garden entirely. And have all sorts of places that need mulch tomorrow; the shade garden, the top of the calabert slope, the edge of the potager path, the thyme plants down below the plums.

The list is endless.   I’d love to mulch deeply around all the soft fruit bushes in the orchard as well.   But that is going to take a huge volume of sticks.

I think I will  need to keep on cutting fresh chestnut sticks in the forest to keep up with my voracious demand. There are only so many dead branches of the right size for the chipper.

The good thing is that I can work when it’s cold. And the forecast is for very frosty indeed.