Cherry blossom

cherrydaffsThis is the reward for winter. Spring has sprung.

And the low line of white you see in this shot are some narcissus Thalia. I well remember planting them last autumn and wondering whether they wuold come up (rat taupier rampaging and all that).

cherry close upI know deer don’t eat them. Nor wild boar. But when you plant things out in the open – not in the confiences of a fenced garden – you take risks.

But rewards aplenty when you have a long avenue of trees to play with.

The whitest of white cherries is the one I planted: It’s called noire meched and has juicy succulent fruit.  But it’s titchy still. But promising.

I’ve tried to snap some shots of the trees with the newly mown lawns. The curves are coming on.

I could devote an entire blog post to my lawns (and it’s still on the cards; don’t all shout at once in delirious approbation) but here for now, is cherry with lawn.

cherry lawncherries2016