A big tick off The List

mulch appliedIn for tea and a second breakfast. I have been out early this Sunday morning raking all the grass I strimmed the day before.

I’m not usually that diligent about raking large areas a long way from the house.  But I needed the material to finish the mulching of the new bank behind the miscanthus.

It’s never a chore in the cool morning when the mountain air is crisp.

And of course I had my little helper. I swear this animal would sleep twenty hours a day if he didn’t have me to entertain him.

Frisky morning equals hunting. I can’t tell you disconcerting it is to be working away and sensing a creeping presence in the long grass.  Tail a twitch, body still, poised but quivering. hunting cat

He is only practicing for smaller prey like voles and mice, so I’m in no immediate danger.

But I do get the feeling I’m a wounded gazelle on the Serengeti and he is a hungry lion.

Entertainment over, I trudged back to the bank with three huge sacks of mulch and Artur went off to snooze the next twenty in his new box in the potting shed.

Enough of cat. More of landscaping.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have finished this large project.  The granite rocks are so stunning a feature it’s such a shame to leave them to weeds and thin top soil.

fence planted upSo hopefully, over time they will settle to producing small pockets of interest in the form of thyme and acceptable weeds.

And the eragrostis grasses will grow stout from careful attention and more mulch.  And this large steep bank will no longer be an eyesore.