And we’re back

Ah, there you are. I thought you have given up on this blogging lark. It has been way too long.

And to my shame I just noticed that I have titled this twice before in my blogging career. So that’s a triple punishment for all of us.

But I am truly, ruly back.  I pulled up at 830pm last night and screeched to a halt in the courtyard. I burst out the car and went hell for leather to the garden.  The potager in particular.

I was keen to know if the crops were still in situ and not being digested by local wild animals.

Bliss! Utter bliss!

It’s all there. And burgeoning.

I took a few fast snaps and just marvelled at being in so much abundance. Lots of dahlias, some roses (that’s a surprise).

I grabbed a few of those blooms for a vase in the house. And plotted just how I was going to spend my first proper day back in my garden.

And a bit more regular news from me now. I have put all the burden of London life behind and will be fussing about tomatoes and harvesting giant courgettes rather than dealing with letting agents, police officer and locksmiths from now on.