The winter mooch in the allotment

Picture this: woman standing in the weak winter sunshine, typing in her mobile phone notes section.

To DO.

  • Bring wellies
  • Extra plastic bags to protect tools from mud
  • Hack saw and wire cutters
  • Bags for tip run

I had a sneaky visit to the allotment this week. And it was rather marvellous.

Everything looked so much more diminished in winter. Bare and smaller and, yes, muddy. I have to plan my clothing a bit more carefully next time. The paths are a challenge. And I managed to get all my clothes mucky.

The taps have been turned off. So luckily I had plenty of water collected in buckets from the rain to water in the achillea I planted.

And the hebe shrubs I bought back in November. It’s all hilariously crowded at the back of the plot. But I don’t dare shift stuff as there are gorgeous poppies in here. So I need to be patient and see what emerges.

In the three quarters of the plot I dug over, dug up, turned into garden beds there are signs that my bulbs are doing well and starting to emerge.


And there is the mystery stuff I never saw because I only took on this plot in June.

So I was wondering what on earth will emerge in among the greenery I left in place.

The hack saw and wire cutters are going to be put to use getting that crushed and collapsed metal pergola that died and didn’t hold up the voracious potato vine and rose.

I don’t dare take a shot of it. It’s vile. But once I get that out and do one last tip run it might almost look neat and ready for spring.

All being well I’ll nip over tomorrow.  I need to bring more chicken wire to put over the permaculture beds to stop the foxes and wild beasties from digging everything up.