leslie's astersThese are what we call weeds. Leslie’s invasive asters. I think they look fetching and country style sweet. And they had a bumper growth season this year.

Plenty of rain up until May and then baking sunshine after that.  And unlike a lot of asters they don’t flop. But sit proud in their vase.

I’m tempted to go and cut more.  But it’s too hot out there. 27C for late autumn. Mad.

As I knew it was going to be challenging in the garden with the heat I started early with a spot of transplanting.

I have lots and lots of fantastic euphorbia wulfeniis to move from the shade garden (too grey for the colour scheme I have planned) to underneath the walnut tree.

I have a line of irises, stachys and eragrostis grasses. So a line of euphorbias behind was just the ticket. euphorbia transplanted

These plants have deep roots so it feels painful to be yanking them up.  And I find they either die or thrive straight away. So I moved a dozen and will have to hope for the best.

I had a little helper this morning which was lovely. It’s that fantastic moment in the life of the elderly cat when he remembers he is a pet and not a wild hunting beast of the mountains.

artur cuddleBoy he was clingy.  My favourite type of cat.  Here he is disturbing my watering in of the transplanted euphorbias.  He loves water. So as soon as I turned the hose on he was fussing and pestering me to fill up the blue bucket so he could climb in and drink. And play in the puddle.  Sweet odd thing.