Wall work

the pool bedA new project: a new wall.   This is something I have been plotting for ages. And now it’s about to begin.   This is the bed that separates the lawn from the vegetable garden. And it has always needed a bit of oomph. it lacks drama.

So stage one was to get out all the plants. To my surprise it has taken all day.

I am going to be recycling most of them, so I had to prepare a place in the now cleared vegetable garden. The verbena bonariensis plants came out first.   And then the stipas which were to go to the lilac bed, and finally the euphorbias and the catmint. plants on tarp

I also found quite a lot of little verbena hastata plants hiding in the thicket of the rest.   Those are now in pots in the potting shed.   And a good place for them too.

cat mint and catI had a little helper watching on.   The catmint is naturally one of Artur’s favourites.   He can sniff and roll in the sharply odoured plant for ages each day.   So he looked a bit concerned as the huge clumps came up, went into the wheelbarrow and were then banished to a lost corner of the garden. stipas to transplant

He tested them out as soon as they were heeled in and looked mightily relieved. Or was that the drug in the leaves?

I was suprised just how many rocks there are already in the bed.   Some huge boulders in fact. And a lot buried just below the surface.   I grubbed out as many of the small ones as I could, and I have left the heavy ones for Monday.

By the end of the day it looked a mess. But I can see that a few more hours work and I should have a blank canvas. end day one