The last stone wall

It’s all done. All!

I’m going to try and feed you the story in the correct sequence.

First up the farm.

One humungous pile of rocks removed.

Neatly stored down below the olive tree ready for the last stone wall on the farm. Next year.

We had a day of a lovely chap called Nicolas who built little walls and generally gave us back the entrance to our farm.

Step up and haul logs.

It’s freezing right now and lots of logs are needed to feed the fire.

I had the dubious honour of just pointing and showing where I would like the tonne of rocks to go. (Sciatica. Not a good look for a wall builder.)

Ditto for the barrow loads of soil that Alice very kindly shifted for me on a lightning visit.

And she had to push uphill. What a trooper. Thank you Alice!

I have the edge of the pool to repair after the galumphing horse.

So with some logs recycled from the old lean to shed, we built an edge and then filled in the gaps.

I’ll transplant iris when I get back. Chestnut logs are brilliant for this sort of thing as they don’t rot.

And for an encore she hauled the sacks of compost close to the raised beds which need feeding. I want to chip and cover more of the beds this winter too.

And that was the very last day before I headed to London to do the dread house move deed.

The last thing I did was to give The Creature here own house moving present. A nice new cardboard box, courtesy of my bulb order.

She didn’t know how long I’d be away!