The grubby gardener

oak bank weededWell that was embarassing; it was only at the end of the day I noticed I had the most tremendous smut of dirt all over my nose.

And for once I actually spoke to humans.

Artur doesn’t count as he only looks at me with love if I am sitting nearby when he wants to perch on my lap.

But I had visits from my neighbours this morning. Proper morning tea and sitting in the sun and all sorts.  And Manu the muscles came to work today.

Mind you, I often look scruffy when I’m in the garden, so I guess people are not that surprised. duck pond stone free

And I was madly weeding.  Here is the oak bank, all dirt and muck.  Three long narrow little rows ready for grasses and gaura.  But I want a little low wall in front first.  I need to anchor this planting scheme somehow. I would have used a thick wooden log if I had one to hand.  But I don’t, so I have booked up Nicolas our wall builder to help out for a day.

herb garden stonesManu started the day by removing the stones we unearthed from the duck pond in summer.  The area looks like a proper park again.

And the stones are destined for the new herb garden wall.

You can guess by  the frequent use of the word ‘wall’  that I have plans aplenty.

But I’m not going to haul the stones myself today. I did have a mad moment of thinking I ought to sort out the stone sizes so Nicolas can get going quickly on the wall work.  But the moment passed.  I pulled out weeds instead.

file oak bank weed free (2)Far less painful on one’s back.

I had to remove some of the mulch between the narrow beds as it was just too voluminous. I think I will stick to lawn clippings instead.  But when do I find the time to get the mower out. All this supervising of staff with my lists galore and plans and schemes….