Spot the difference

Well that only took four and a half hours. The application of Round Up to the Verbascums in all the terraces and paths. And then landscaping (hah, raking the stones and sand, yanking out weeds, hiding the worst of the mess) the bottom part of the track. We now have a link between the future orchard, the track to the pool and the approach. One day soon it will all be lawn. But not yet. Have to wait a few weeks for the glyphosate to take effect.

It’s warm and sunny today; perfect autumn weather. I found myself peeling layers as I went down the paths. Seeking out the telltale floppy ears of Verbascum lurking in the grass.

Now it’s time to water the strawberries, eat lunch (tomatoes straight off the vine) and then go down to the lower path and bring back sticks. I need more wood chips for the verbena bed on the edge of the vegetable bed.

And then the favourite task: watering. But the variation with one eye on the path next to me. That amazingly busy mole works all day. Here he (or she) is digging up the earth just five minutes after I watered the future little lawn path. Industrious indeed. But destructive in that I have no chance of perfect little path if the mole keeps on excavating great ruddy tunnels right underneath. He may be industrious but right now I’m not. I feel the need to stop and just walk around and think.

But instead I shall take the wheelbarrow down to the vineyard and collect sticks. Protestant work ethic is sometimes so over rated.

And here are a few photos of my quince crop: zilch. No fruit this year. Had to buy some from the market to infuse the house with quince scent.