Sneak preview

potager viewI had been putting off posting these pictures. Not because I’m not thrilled. But because I wanted to tidy it away perfectly and present it in the best possible light.

And that light meant covering all the bottom of the paths with bark chips. I have been collecting bark from forest floors and fallen trees. Worked like mad to get them into small pieces and easy to walk on bits.   And the sum total of all my toil is one spoke of the wheel.

potager view 1Way too puny a result. So until I acquire the goods (possibly on Saturday when I go to town and to some rather large garden centres) this is the sneak preview of the wonderful now potager. potager view detail

The round bits are a complete triumph. And they exercised Nicolas’ creative brain no end. But he’s achieved it. And even managed to put some steps at the end of each path so one can step down elegantly and enter the new veggie garden with ease.

If I get the raking and mowing work finished today, I might have some time on Saturday to do some remedial weeding of the top part of the vegetable garden, tidy away the cloches, and lift some of those leeks to make way for all the new lovely soil.