Seedy distractions

It’s amazing how you can just spent hours on your seeds and seedlings and avoid work. I have spent most of this morning sorting out my first seedling work. Now that some are out and enduring their slug test, the rest needed tending.

I potted up the cabbage, tomato and capsicum seedlings and climbing beans into larger pots (reminder to self: bring back more pots from the allotment shed, they are doing no good up there when all my potting takes place in the kitchen) and generally had a good old sort out. Some seedlings came up, others just shivered and huddled and didn’t put on any more growth.

I had to replant whole lots of little seeds: the purple sprouting broccoli, the black tuscany kale, the greyhound cabbage (usually a germination doddle), the cleome spider flowers, the chocolate alpiglossis, the scabiosa black cat, the antirrhinum (is that how you spell it?), the nicotiana and three soya bean seeds.

And I had a good rummage in the seed box. So many more things to plant up this month. Can’t wait.