Potting shed work

This was clearly a battle of wills.

And I lost.

I had thought I was going to get the Charlotte seed potatoes out of their bag and place them in a box in the light of the potting shed.

Artur had other ideas.


Can you see the smirk of victory on his fluffy little face? He is such a devil in ‘his’ potting shed.  At the moment he is snoozing in one of his favourite cashmere lined boxes on the staging bench.

But as soon as I come in he has to stagger out, demand a lap, and then take part in any activity just to interrupt.  The lure of seed trays (a warm flat surface) is obviously too great.  I have to whip those clear plastic lids onto the seeds in seconds if I don’t want them spoiled.

This is the stand-off retreat. (Note the ‘bribe’ of a new fleecy lined purple box to keep him down the far end of the potting shed away from me.)

And this is where I actually can get working.

It’s way too early for seed sowing. I’m just doing a few aubergines and kales to get my hand in.  I love seed sowing.  And I was celebrating buying three sacks of my wonderful Floragard organic potting mix.  It’s like crumbly chocolate cake and I couldn’t resist having a play.

Once the weather improves I will attend to more logical chores.