Peak spring seed sowing

Mind where you put your feet. And try not to lean on anything.

There are seedlings everywhere.

I thought I’d give you a glimpse into the potting shed during peak seed sowing season.

I’ve had to put up a central table (well, a plank of wood on trestles) to accommodate all the extra seedlings I seem to have pricked out and grown on.

Does anyone Not have a surfeit of lettuce plants from a careful sowing on the seed tray?

I’ve even given heaps away to Simon already. But still they come. The cavolo Nero kale are turning into fine little plants. The capsicums and peppers are all alive (kept away from any accidental cat action).

I have spinach, the Merveilles de Quatre Saison lettuce, radish, carrot, cima di rapa brocolli… what else?

Oh yes, beefsteak tomatoes, climbing beans, dwarf French beans, zinnias.

Courgette and cucumber.

I scorched the cucumber seedlings last week so I am resowing four more indoors just in case they don’t thrive their accidental sunburn.

And here in the house I’ve just started some more dwarf French beans, more broad beans, some amaranth to use for flower arranging.

I usually get those self seeding like mad in the garden, but time will tell if I get any freebies there.

Last year I had an excellent clump growing right on the edge of the main path. I kept cutting back hard to use for bouquets, and the darling plant rewarded me by re-sprouting all season.

I wouldn’t mind a bit more order in the cutting garden this year.

And speaking of order. Here’s a sneak preview of the first crops outside…