Peaches from the orchard

peach detailThe camera never lies. Will in this case it is telling a bit of a fib. I only have one ripe peach to show you, not two.

I have been wandering past the trees in the orchard checking for the ripeness of some of the fruit.

The nectarines are still rock hard. But today I found a peach on the ground below the tree.  Ants were having a go but not enough to stop me from picking it up and bringing it inside.

And here it is. Utterly divine. Or is that because I have grown it myself and there are a paltry four peaches on the tree.

Juicy, so full of flavour.

I went back out to photograph the rest of the fruit and the hornets had almost beaten me to the other fruit. In just a few hours these critters can really get stuck in. fourpeaches

I made them slightly cross (I have a healthy fear of cranky hornets, they are huge) and took away their toys.  They are more then welcome to get stuck into the green gauge plums up at the shade garden.  Plenty there.  But just to make sure, these next peaches are going to sit safely here in the kitchen so I can chomp into them without fighting with insect life first.