More spring cutting of the grasses

1lawn bank cut backI’ve come in for a cup of tea to warm up. It may be almost springlike, but I’m still wearing layers and layers of fleecy jackets. And it was chilly work cutting back the grasses.

I also needed to come in and consult my list. I always think I’ve done all the grass cutting work. But no. I have missed the pannicum bed near the courtyard, just at the entrance to the walnut path. And the monster miscanthus at the edge of the lawn. You can see them to the right of the picture here.

But there is less urgency with those as they come into growth later than the eragrostis. So I might leave those for now and get on with more fun things like planting asparagus or cutting back the santolinas in the barn garden.

And clearing away the weeds from the step garden. I only went in there to cut back the grasses; but there were tendrils of old gaura and verbena bonariensis in my way.

I just avoided getting pronged in the face with a dead teasel stalk as I bent down.  And that was because Artur chose that very moment to leap out at me and grab my leg.1step garden cut back

Yes. Frisky weather. He was in hunting mode this morning. I actually spotted him hiding behind the wheelbarrow stalking me.  It was that still poised crouch with the tail just flicking. And the mad stare.  But I didn’t think he would actually leap. I guess I turned my back at the wrong time. Or the right time. He loved it.

But thank goodness for jeans and long johns – the play fighting and attacking didn’t get through the layers.

See, there is a benefit to gardening in late winter.

arturplaintiveBut he is now on the equivalent of the naughty step.

I’m here indoors near the fire with a cup of tea and a handful of raisins (there is not a single sweet thing in the house, until I bake a cake), and he is outside at the window howling plaintively to be let in. Hah!