Les chanterelles

shroomsI bet you saw this and thought, oh no, she’s going to call it a yellowish tinge. But there is nothing tinted about these beauties. Bright pick-me yellow.

And we harvested them from the forest this weekend.

Nothing beats climbng up the mountain and finding food for free.

And who would have known that I married a such a keen mushoom hunter?  While I was plugging away indoors on a project this afternoon, two more kilos of fungus were added to our larder.  Lucky man. It was perfect mushrooming weather. extra chanterelles

A light drizzle but warm. And the little chanterelles were pushing through the undergrowth.

What is amazing is the wild boar don’t snap them up.  Lots of soil all around them are churned by the creatures looking for other treasures underground.

monday mealSo you can guess what we had for supper.  Just delicious lightly cooked in butter with a twist of salt and pepper and nothing else.

But one can’t live on mushrooms alone.  And I must remember to take a bowl next time I ‘just pop out for some runner beans’.

I had a handful of runner beans, but as I was working my way round the garden beds I spotted a huge courgette which I had missed. That’s the other hand. And then spotted some very ripe strawberries nearby. So that was the skirt.

I didn’t even bother to do the courgette tonight (I peel them with a veggie peeler in long thin stips, then cook them with a bit of garlic, fresh marjoram and a pinch of chilli flakes). I had a huge bowlful of cabbage which I harvested earlier.

Bon appetit.