Inside the green beast

I think I have spent more time inside the bean tepee than out. Back after a week away, and first thing to do when getting to the house is to race to the potager and see if all is unmolested.

The tomatoes are huge but unripe. There are plenty o beans, aubergines and cucumbers. The pumpkins are huge and remind me that I really must read up on when they are ripe. We had the first corn kernel. An exotic looking beast and a bit chewy. The consistency of  is this quite ready to eat? I think we will wait a fortnight for the rest of the crop. And next year shall plant a more F1 variety.

The salad crop is as exuberant as the Savoy cabbages. And even as I marvel I can’t believe I have to leave all of this in two days time. It looks like it’s a vegetable bed that has its prime during peas and broad beans and then in September when the tomatoes finally kick in.

Up to the potting shed to see if the grasses have germinated. Yes indeed. Small growth on the white grass seeds. I have kilos of Ailefroide grasses to sow as well. We had fun collecting kilos of the seeds from majestic grasses that grow up in the Alpine meadows and rocks. But when? Busy day tomorrow putting both houses to bed.