Crowded house

first gertie 2012Well you didn’t expect me to show you a photograph of Vernoux’s muncipal tip did you?   I could of course as it’s the neatest most orderly place in the entire region.

Paolo, who runs it five (or is it six?) mornings a week sweeps after every visitor, tidies manically. And there is a shipping container for every single need. You drive up and are directed with beautiful signs towards your recepticle of choice. And it’s on the side of the hill so you don’t even have to heave.

We had a ponderous discussion about the strimmer which was also in the car. He, like me, thinks Stihl can do no wrong.   But that the hidden rocks which break the machines are perfidious. He didn’t use that word.

Next on to get the new strimmer head (sorry, this is dull) and back home via the boulangerie and the petrol station. aubergines planted

And now I am just waiting for the grass to dry a bit more so I can use the new improved strimmer.  So instead of being idle I’ve been planting out.

The potager is getting rather crowded. That delicious word underplanted just means crowded to me.

I’ve put four aubergines in among the rows of charlotte potatoes, and surrounded by red clover. Crammed next to the future runner beans and sunflowers and sweet peas.

toms plantedAnd the six tomato plants are close by.   If this damp weather keeps up I will be able to harvest the new pototoes a bit earlier, and then I will have heaps more room in this part of the garden. I have plans to plant peppers here, but right now they haven’t even germinated. So I might have to give in and buy in plants.   Something I’m not that keen on doing.   I do so love to grow things from seed.

thinned cosmosI try to weed out the cosmos seedlings as I go – they germinate daily. All over the potager.  But I’m leaving a little hedge of them right at the front of the garden. But I am much more ruthless about thinning.

And as I only have two more planting days I’m trying to grab a plant each time I go up to the potting shed. I must get the soft fruit out – propagated red currants, jostaberries.   And there are some eryngiums that are ready to try their luck in the calabert garden.

Luckily Artur is doing a sterling job of guarding the potting shed from intruders. artur at work