Gardening is so much about sharing

I had to look up my last year’s diary to see when the potatoes went in, and I’m glad I did. I now remember reading that some people swear by them all going in by the last weekend of March, but the 8th is way too early. I shall content myself with weeding today instead.

It is actually very warm today, and I am most inappropriately dressed. Fleeces and heat do not combine well. I ate my lunch marvelling at the birds and the warm weather. The garlic has come up. And in some places I have had to feel about under the surface and ease the single green stalk into the light.  It is looking very neat I must say. And when I put in my endless rows of potatoes, well! It will be half done.  I will sow another row of peas next week. But just weed some more land. Must hold back on the potatoes. But it’s mighty temping with this weather.

I put my cold frame further out in the sun. It is hidden by the shed and getting a bit too much shade in the early morning. For some reason one of the clear boxes was full of water. Can’t quite work out how it managed to get under the Perspex lid, but who am I to question these mysteries. I emptied the water out on the westringia shrub being bonsai-ed in its pot right now. Can’t think of those poor plants – they just have to cope with life in pots until I get them either to France or give them away. (I have to do something about my bottle brush trees too. I have sort of pledged them to my hairdresser if she gets her house sale. But how on earth will she get them there? And I should be venal and sell them on the internet. Save some money…who knows. Gardening is so much about sharing that I dread making money out of so much lovely pleasure.

More daffodils for the vase and home I went