Furnace again

Bean glutThe heat has returned. 32C today and just as warm yesterday. It’s more the weather for hiding indoors and marvelling at our wonderful cool thick walls.   But there is an hour and a half in the morning when you can get things done.

I have watered lavishly; and picked beans galore. We are moving into the kilo or so every two days and you cannot stop.   So I’m going to be looking to freeze some of this glut, when we tire of eating such delicious veg.

I also took time to pick blackberries, zucchetti, herbs and ate a breakfast of baby tomatoes straight off the vine.

But the biggest glut in the garden right now is the humble cosmos. I am hacking it back and filling every vase.   The plants are crowding the pumpkin and onions and garlic and even I am tiring of them. IMG_9106

But they are fetching and do well in the vases. But I have sown lots more flower seeds this week to try and add a bit more variety to the house.