During shots

red clover sowingI was so excited about today’s garden projects that I woke a bit before 6am. Bright eyed, bushy tailed, raring to go.

Being winter it is pitch dark at this hour. And I had to light the fire and get things toasty before I ventured out of my pjs and cashmere cardy. And thick socks. But keen as can be.

And I even managed a job before Nicolas arrived: I sowed the crimson clover seeds all over the gaps in the soft fruit orchard.

As you can see twas a touch foggy out there.

But mild. So easy to get working when you aren’t walking about like a michelin man and worrying how many pairs of gloves you can get away with.steps part one

We started with the fun stuff before the hell that is the gravel.  Here is the corner of the potager that is going to get a landscaping. Well, a thorough weeding first.

The brambles are well ensconsed.

We pulled out the plants – and I saved two of the giant thymes. One has gone into the shade garden bank. The other along the barn garden path.

before gravelBut there is a heap of euphorbias which I don’t wish to replant.

I’ve kept the echinops to put somewhere. Possibly up with the other one in the walnut bank.

But the plan is to have just thymes here in this large space. A rock garden with thyme.

Which ought to distract the eye from the vileness of the crazy paving steps.

It’s a good thing we have a ready supply of rocks and boulders. gravel

And I leave you with the horror that is the gravel pile.  We are going to ignore it for today and just get on with the fun stuff.

I’m heading out now to pull plants out of the step garden.

gravel pile