Crops and cat

crops and catI always have to make sure I leave a space for Artur on the potting bench. No cramming all the trays into tight rows in this space.

He likes to take part in the seedling process. Or just be up at the height where I am working. He is cranky and hates being disturbed.

But if he doesn’t get a space then he will yowl.  The poor old thing is looking very scrawny right now. Hopefully the worm tablets will take effect and he will look a bit less fragile.

He did have fun with us in the top potager while we planted potatoes. He did a spot of surfing by sitting on the backs of my legs as I kneeled either side of the potato trench. I kept moving forward in an awkward shuffle while he rocked and clung on with claws well extended. Most entertaining. For one of us.