Confined to barracks

more, more, moreIt was gardener’s heaven today.   One and a half inches of good soaking gentle rain all night and day.   It let up around 5pm but it did rather confine us indoors.

I did sneak up to town for supplies; but the rest of the day was spent with a paint brush in hand.

Surely there aren’t any beams left in this house to paint white? It does seem endless. I have been painting these beams steadily for five years.

Today it was the turn of the hallway. I had already painted in between the beams white, so it wasn’t too painful or finicky to get the white paint onto the dark wood and try and turn it white.

Two coats down and one more tomorrow and it ought to be done.

Naturally, I’d much rather be outdoors.   But actually the only work I did was safely inside Artur’s house (potting shed) where I potted up yet more calendula. I really must count how many I have done. It is starting to feel like a factory.   But it will be worth it.   And that’s what I think about when I’m pricking out endless little gaura seedlings.   Those are perennials. So once this irksoml task is done I won’t have to do it again.

And I’m already imagining hedges of the stuff.   A gaura hedge? Weaving in between the current hedge up above the potting shed? Now that’s a thought.

Tomorrow my website is getting an upgrade and MOT; so I will be off air.   Here’s hoping I will have more to show for my day than just boring old white beams.