Conceding defeat

saturday workWeather one, gardener nil. I’ve given.  It’s lashing down with rain and has been like this for hours and hours.

I’ve been in the potting shed all morning pricking out and potting up as much as I possibly could.

The annoying thing is I’ve run out of compost.  So I have been scrabbling about in old compost pots, sneaking bits out of sowing trays, trying to get together enough to get more trays of gaura and cosmos seedlings into pots.

The only one enjoying this weather is Artur. He came pelting through the rain and leapt merrily onto my lap (muddly paw prints all over my nice clean trousers) for a brief chat before he settled onto the blanket  on the shelf.

I meanwhile have come indoors, lit the fire, make a large pot of tea and am contemplating some indoor chores.  Housework. Heaven forbid.