Cloudy skies no rain

Paltry potatoesWhat a strange phonemenon in the sky. Clouds. Whispy and wimpish, but enough cloud cover to give me a surprise at 10am. I wasn’t basting in my own juices as I worked. Potato crop was up first. Paltry but at least we will get two more feeds before I am forced to go to the farmer up the road and buy his.

And then it was into the strawberry bed. I had around 35 runners to plant up (lost count). Snip into the weedproof fabric, water well, scrape, plant, water again. Looks rather lush.

Strawberries planted up

And I even managed to eat a few berries that have escaped the fauna that thinks eating my veg is fun.

All this before 11am. So now I’m going to have to drink some tea, sample some tart. And then rinse off the slime from the tomato seeds that have been brewing in water for three days, dry them and hopefully have a good crop next year.