Autumnal transplants

Well it’s a very drab flowers for the house selection. Had to rootle about nicotiana bed just to find something to stick in this monstrous vase. Must try harder next year.

Putting the trial flower bed to rights didn’t take too long. There’s little left – apart from the Agastache. Two lupins only flowered – and they are too pink. And I have no idea what colour the Echinacea pink parasols actually look like. I planted them in too much shade to make them shine. So now they have been transplanted somewhere sunny for the autumn and winter. I shall sow more seeds next spring and build up the numbers.

Spent a happy hour in the potting shed; should’ve have saved it for Saturday when it threatens to rain, but couldn’t I resist doing a bit of thinning of the winter crops; Mache and land cress. And put back the plants that didn’t survive the summer. And sweep the floor and admire the stipa seedlings. No idea if they will also survive the winter. They will need nursing as they are so airy and delicate. But we need to build up volumes of the things in the spring.

Nicolas is currently doing some mighty strimming work lower down the terraces. I can hear the whine of his strimmer and the occassional swear word as his blade hits rock. I shall probably go over the bits he has done with the lawn mower later just to make it perfectly smooth. But right now I really need to get more sticks to make bark chips for the beds. I keep promising to do that and never do. Would much rather go up to the potting shed and admire the cuttings.