Autumn colours

We’ve had storms. I know that without recourse to the rain gauge. But in old money I can tell you we have had a whopping three inches of rain in three days. And today promises to be another gnarly one.

But I don’t need a gauge to tell me there is damage.

All I have to do is walk up to my potting shed in the garden and see if the windows have blown in.


Goodness it looks like a herd of wild boar have rampaged. Or someone in desperate need of a pair of secateurs has raced in and searched hard. Very hard.

Luckily I have something fun to see on the roof and the west side of my battered potting shed.

Virginia creeper.

And as I am training it inside the shed as well as out it’s rather fetching at this time of year.

Well that’s an exaggeration. It sounds like I have done it deliberately.

If you grow Virginia creeper you will know that your chances of having a hand in what direction it will grow are vanishingly small.

So the tendrils started to sneak in and I just gave it a support to grow. I love seeing the contrast of the green beams and the red leaves. (I ran out of the lovely Citrine coloured green pain to finish the beams on one side. I could have a go at prepping the wood with another undercoat. But the house painting is taking priority today.

I’m hoping that over time it will come to be a bit more luscious and jungly. And it will draw your eye away from the mess and more on the foliage.