Autumn at long last

tomatoes octAh, my favourite season has begun. We have finally lost the mid 20s and are now in the mid teens. It’s a cool, gusty day and I am in heaven. I never get the hang of summer, let alone the Indian ones.

I decided that the large lower vegetable bed – the potager – had to be my main attack today.   And I have managed one quadrant. And it’s lunchtime. Slow going, but then there is an awful lot to do.

I decided to uproot all the dying cosmos plants first and take the stalks over to my new compost bed way at the back of the duck pond.   It’s out of sight and hopefully with the shade and cool there things might rot down by spring. quadrant before

And then out came most of the sunflowers. Any chance of seeds? Nope, the birds have beaten me to them.   Mind you, I think they were F1 seeds anyway, so next year’s crop wouldn’t have come true.   But I need to add sunflower seeds (autumn beauty) to my large seed order this month.

one quadrant downA brief pause to pick about three kilos of ripe tomatoes, and then on with the weeding.   I decided that it would feel better to get one entire quadrant sorted rather than wander about improving lots of bits.

So I hoed, raked and even edged. One down, three to go.