Another welcome return

market flowersAll set for tomorrow’s market. I’ve prepped the flowers.  One proper bouquet for Manu and five little bouquets for Isabelle, Lydia, Dominique and the two other ladies whose names I always forget.

And it was a welcome return to the bag of Floragard this afternoon. I’ve sown a dozen new batches of seeds: lettuce, cabbage, spinach and chard.

The lettuce won’t germinate in the heat, so I have stacked the seed trays in the cool of the basement cellar. I’ll have to check on them each day as it’s where I have to go to turn on the tap for the hose.

I can’t get through the season with what is in the potager right now.  Too many underground excursions from the mole rat are taking my supplies. So I’m resowing and hope to grow this batch in the potting shed in (appropriately named) pots in the autumn. vbs late july

If they survive this heat. It’s hilariously hot. And everyone but me is getting some downpour action somewhere in the Ardeche. Sigh.

At least I can look on my forest of verbena bonariensis in the potager and be pleased. Super drought tolerant plants are my favourite flowers.

The ones I transplanted into the wildflower bank and the bank behind the miscanthus grasses have not been watered since May. Well not by me.  And as we have only had two decent showers of rain since then, I’d call them a successfully adapted plants.

Sow more next spring methinks.